Early Bird CBD/LeRoy and Lewis Collaboration Sandwich

Evan LeRoy
2 min readMay 8, 2021


smoke em if you got em

photo by Brad Robinson (@chudsbbq)

A few months ago I was working a lunch shift with Jazz at the food truck and a guest chatted us up and handed us a couple packs of Early Bird gummies, a full spectrum CBD product. Both of us having “some experience” with the devil’s lettuce before, we downed the whole pack without thinking twice about it. About 30 minutes later we looked at each other and both knew that we weren’t dealing with some rinky dink head shop product. We were actually buzzing from a legally produced and acquired product in the state of Texas.

Early Bird is a full spectrum, hemp-derived product that contains less than 0.3% THC per gummy and it is completely legal in all 50 states.

The guest came back a week or so later and introduced himself as Justin Adair of Early Bird CBD. They’re an Austin-based start up and they love our barbecue. I told him how much I liked the gummies and that I had some ideas in mind for a collaboration.

We came up with the Early Bird Sandwich, shot a Patreon video, and sat down for a podcast with the team from Early Bird. Then we ran a special the week of 4/20 and the EB guys came out to the food truck and handed out samples of their gummies. The vibes were definitely high that day.

Taking the idea of “Early Bird” and the product itself, we wanted to create a chicken-based breakfast sandwich that would satisfy the most intense munchies craving.

We brined boneless skinless chicken thighs and smoked them over direct coals. We also butchered, cured, smoked, sliced, smoked again, and crisped our own bacon from our wonderful and delicious Peaceful Pork hogs. Lastly, we fried up some lacy-edged sunny side up eggs and put it all on a Martin’s potato roll with some spicy mayo. Check out our Patreon video for the money shots and the Early Bird CBD episode of the New School BBQ Podcast for more from the Early Bird Team.

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Evan LeRoy

Chef/Pitmaster from Austin, Texas