Our Plan as a Food Truck to Get Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Evan LeRoy
2 min readMar 17, 2020


I completely forgot that we’re celebrating our third year in business this week. Everything, EVERYTHING has been taken over by coronavirus. This deadly microorganism has brought the entire world to a screeching halt. It’s effecting huge industries and small businesses equally.

On one level, I’m concerned about the health of myself, my family, my team, the people we serve and the community writ large. On another level, I’m one of those American’s who doesn’t have enough money in their savings account for a major disaster. I’m concerned as a citizen, an employer, a father.

There are lots of questions about what all of our futures look like, and everything is changing on a hour-by-hour basis now, but I’ve been trying to stay up to date and formulate a plan to get me and my people through this difficult combination of social exiling and economic contraction.

Our sales will slow and our catering/events will disappear temporarily. But who knows what the end of this looks like? Will we just one day all of a sudden find ourselves at a food festival again packed with people sharing small bites and no more concern for the spread of corona? Our business will change fundamentally and drastically.

And just as our business will change, so will we.

We’re not like many other food trucks or barbecue joints. Too expensive and ambitious for either one, honestly. But we’ve continued to make it our mission to create inventive dishes while supporting our local community of ranchers. We call it New School Barbecue and this is the next iteration of that.

We plan on taking our knowledge and putting it online in the form of videos, podcasts, blogs, and merchandise. If we can’t bring you our regularly scheduled service, we’ll teach you how to do what we do.

We’ve always been content creators. We’re just expanding our reach instead of contracting it. Instead of our regulars being the only ones to float us, we’re going to share our methods, thoughts, and techniques with everyone at home on their computer while we’re all locked up. If you can’t come to the truck to get our beef cheeks, here’s how to make them at home.

Our food will continue to be available for to-go and pick-up orders and I’m sure we will find more innovative ways to get our food into people’s mouths, but our strategy has to be multi-pronged. I believe the chefs in this country will come up with new ways to serve the public, and in the future one day we’ll be sharing small bites at a food festival packed with people and no more concern for the spread of corona.

Stay safe, stay positive, stay healthy, stay hungry.



Evan LeRoy

Chef/Pitmaster from Austin, Texas