Recipe: Shrimp-cago Dogs

a smoked seafood sausage collaboration with Huckleberry

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photo by Bradley Robinson (@chudsbbq)

Hands down, the crown for best regional hot dog belongs to the Windy City. The classic Chicago Dog with tomato, pickle, onion, green relish, mustard, sport peppers, and celery salt on a steamed poppy seed bun is the perfect combination of freshness, tang, zip, and spice to compliment a good snappy wiener. Which is why we chose these classic toppings for our recent collaboration with Huckleberry, the Gulf-sourced seafood trailer helmed by my good buddy, Davis Turner. We made a shrimp and pork sausage together in our latest Patreon video with a pretty mild flavor profile, and then topped it two different ways at our trucks. Huckleberry ran the Dock Dog with pickled escabeche, beer mustard, and mixed herbs while we ran with the Shrimp-cago Dog.

Shrimp-cago Dog

Separate the shrimp into two 1 lb batches. Mix the lean pork, fat, and 1 lb of shrimp together and combine with spices and cure overnight. Reserve the other 1 lb shrimp.

The next day, grind the cured meat with the ice and mix thoroughly until tacky, then mix in the whole shrimp pieces. Case this mix into 1/4 lb links. Separate the links and dry overnight. The next day, cold smoke slowly at 150F or below for 4 hrs.

Cool the shrimp dogs and reheat when ready to use either on the smoker or in simmering beer to poach, then griddled for color and snap on the casing.

Drag the dog through the garden by placing it on a steamed poppy seed bun and topping it with a pickle spear, sliced tomato, diced white onions, Vienna green relish, pickles sport peppers, yellow mustard, and celery salt.

Chef/Pitmaster from Austin, Texas

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