We Cooked a $2000 Wagyu Brisket

It pays to have friends. Sometimes they come to you with the most ridiculously marbled piece of meat you’ve ever seen in your life and say, “Hey will you help me cook this?”

In this case that friend was the Hardcore Carnivore herself, Jess Pryles. Jess is a meat maven and has her finger in so many bbq pots these days it’s hard to keep track. We’d been looking to do some kind of collaboration since we at LeRoy and Lewis started regularly creating online content and that opportunity presented itself in the form of an A5 Miyazakygu Wagyu Brisket from Double 8 Cattle Co.

Very briefly that means it’s traceably Japanese in origin, fatty as hell, marbled beyond belief, and the most expensive single cut of meat I had ever laid eyes (let alone a knife) on. We had ol’ Chuddy trim it up because we all know he can do it with his eyes closed. After a heavy coating of salt and pepper, I threw it on our offset pit and gave it the foil boat treatment to keep the fat cap crunchy throughout the cooking process.

The rested resulting brisket was unlike any other I’ve had before. The lean brisket melted on your tongue and the crunchy fat gave way to silky, intensely marbled meat. It was perfectly smoky and an unforgettable eating experience.

We were even lucky enough to be joined by the BBQ Snob himself, Daniel Vaughn, who I messaged about the special treat a few days prior. He happened to be in town doing research and brought along our Western NC bbq buddy, Elliot Moss of Buxton Hall Barbecue, who also just happened to be in Austin. Check out what they both had to say about the taste in the video! Like I said, it pays to have friends.

Written by

Chef/Pitmaster from Austin, Texas

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